can't give up the ghost (sandybawls) wrote,
can't give up the ghost


classes are over, here is the forecast:

Japanese: A
Calc III: A
1050x: A
1322x: B
3790: C

GPA: 3.47

classes start again after finals week but they are in barcelona so me and those classes should be cool

ARCH 4128 (3-0-3) Barcelona: Architecture and Design - (Humanities credit; Instructor: Sabir Khan) - This course takes direct advantage of its location in Barcelona to study the diverse components of the city's design culture: primarily architecture and product design, but also graphics, street fashion, urban design, food, and art. The course provides a historical, cultural, and regional context for Barcelona's architecture and design, focusing on the projects and developments since the 1870s and especially since the late 1970s. Through a mix of lectures, discussions, and site visits, students are engaged first-hand in Barcelona's history and culture, and are given a framework and vocabulary to make sense of the particular sensibility that informs the city's architecture and design.

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