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I own about 60 real music cds right now

there's something about apple that I find appealing



circles, I think I will begin an independent in-depth study of circles equations describing circles and circles just a long hard look at circles in literature art music science

there's something about this that I just find appalling

it's cute


look underneath this rock is another rock and under another rock is dirt

physically emotionally painfully honestly

I want you all of the above

the classic complex simple

the zero pronoun

inside out and backwards

I actually own about as many books and dvds as aforementioned cds

probably more books

disgusting we need to take advantage of digital reusable technologies and start conserving some resources current consumer consumption and garbage production is scary ew

oh no I am totally going to get a C in CS3790 I totally D'd the fuck out of the last test and I totally almost care or have a clue what the hell I'm doing

a real note written on my hand
black ink steady hand
left hand same ink; shaky, short
it read what I almost said what I was five threads close to saying
maybe even four
a bubble quote of speech and discovery
of the promise of something rich and new
heart felt
tappering off
washing off
dedicated to everything I've almost ever done
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